(* This workshop is also very beneficial for professional singers, as well as those wanting to clear blocks holding them back in intimacy.)
Acting a Sex Scene is Awkward and Tense.

 With popular shows such as Game of Thrones, Spartacus, Outlander and many others, scenes of a raw sexual nature are very prominent in mainstream TV and film now. Many of these shows have great writing and direction offering quality roles.

Imagine that you have an audition for a great role and there's a sex scene in the story. How do you feel about that?

The sides for your audition include a kiss. How do you make it real when your only scene partner is the reader?

Imagine you're shooting the scene and the cameras are aimed at your exposed body, the crew surrounds you and now you have to have to look like you are having hot steamy sex with someone you barely know or just met, take after take. How does that feel?

Do you worry about whether or not the angles and lighting will show your body in the most flattering way?

Before shooting the scene you call up  your closest friends for support to make it through this awkward vulnerable pending performance, but there's only so much they can do to help.

Maybe the sexual nature of the scene is not so hot and more about power, control or violence. Does this trigger a memory from a real life past experience that is painful and still haunts you? If so, how do you tap into the sense memory and the emotion of the scene without triggering all that real life pain from your past?

Maybe you have a spouse and doing a simulated sex scene and kissing another brings up guilt for you?

Do you find it difficult to quickly release the energy of a sexual, intense or traumatic scene so that you can take yourself out of it, shift and then fully show up and be present for the next scene you've got to shoot? 

In Mastering the Sex Sceneyou will...
Learn specific breath and energy work to help you prepare for the scene, going into it feeling grounded, confident and empowered in your vulnerability and voice.
Learn how to bring authenticity to a kiss in the audition room even though you have no scene partner to actually kiss.
Discover how to feel more confident and peaceful in the body you're in.

Learn emotional healing and breath practices that will help you clear on a cellular level the pain from a real life trauma so you can show up more fully and powerfully in the role, without the pain from the past surfacing to haunt you.

Learn techniques that you can do within seconds to keep you fully present, grounded and connected to your character when performing your scene even in the awkwardness of being surrounded by crew.
Learn conscious communication practices that you can share with your scene partner to help you both feel more at ease when it's time to connect and go deep with one another when the cameras are rolling.
Learn how to quickly clear the energy of the scene from your body and nervous system, so you can effectively and quickly move onto the next scene. (Producers will love your efficiency and emotional mastery and the time this saves the production, and you will love the ease and creative freedom that such emotional and energy mastery brings you.)
If you resonate with just one of the above, you will receive value from this workshop.
* This can be sensitive content. I have a strict policy:
What is shared in the workshop, stays in the workshop.
You must agree to honor this rule if you wish to attend. 
About Jaitara

I am Jaitara. I am a full union actor, so I know what it takes to prepare for and be in character.

Years ago I shifted my primary career focus to a greater passion and gift of mine — emotional healing, facilitation and sexual empowerment

I am a Certified Master Breath Worker and Energy Healer, a specialist in Sacred Sexuality and Empowerment and an Intimacy Communication Coach.  It is my honor and my joy to introduce to you, "Mastering the Sex Scene".

I'm a mature woman and I've walked my talk, healed sexual wounds from my past, learned how to be more grounded, energized, radiant, youthful and present through the brilliance of breath, meditation, movement and energy wisdom. 

There has never been a program like this offered before. I have combined my professional experience and love of acting and actors with my expertise on mastering your emotional energy with life, relationships and sexuality, through breathwork, energy work and meditative practice.

I hold a safe space for you as I guide you through these processes that will not only take you to a new level of emotional mastery enhancing your performance as an actor, but they will also enhance your love life and bring you more peacefulness, a sense of empowerment and more vitality.  

* Mastering the Sex Scene™ is for the mainstream film, TV and theatre actor only. This is NOT a workshop for those who work in pornography, however I am available for private emotional healing sessions for everyone.
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